PAMM service



PAMM service is a software solution created for copying trades from Master accounts to Follower accounts and automatic distribution of profits and losses. How it works? Master opens a PAMM account and uses his own capital and the capital of Followers to trade in the Forex market, while Followers can analyze its’ performance using special tools.

With PAMM Service, Masters can combine their knowledge and experience with the capital of Followers to achieve mutually beneficial results. PAMM service offers the best advantages of both ECN and STP technologies, which allows Masters to use the most appropriate trading strategies and thereby maximize profits. We do not set any restrictions on the trading strategies of Masters: you are welcome use algorithmic trading, scalping or high-frequency trading. PAMM Service provides special conditions for cryptocurrency traders. You can trade both Fiat and cryptocurrency pairs and maximize your profitability using the most innovative financial instruments. Followers can open Investor accounts nominated in the most popular cryptocurrencies and make deposits in Bitcoin, completely avoiding conversion and deposit fees.

Another advantage of the service is the protection of Followers’ funds from inappropriate actions of the Master. This is achieved by keeping the funds on the Followers’ own accounts instead of transferring them to the Master account.

If you are a successful Forex trader with significant trading experience, we invite you to open a Master PAMM account. If you would like to use the experience and knowledge of successful traders to make a profit, please carefully study all the parameters of Masters’ accounts and select one that has an acceptable level of risk and profitability.

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