Trader's Tools

To be a successful trader one has to carefully analize the market and promptly react to the changes. We offer our clients the opportunity to focus on these two key aspects of profitable trading leaving all the necessary calculations to our trading tools.

One Click Trading Level2 Plugin

A user-friendly tool for placing orders at the best price available with just one mouse click.

With OCTL2P you can:

  • open and close positions with one mouse click;
  • create pending orders;
  • set order volume;
  • set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels;
  • have access to the Market Depth (level2).


Margin and Pip Value Calculator

A user-friendly tool for easy and quick calculation of margin and pip value before placing an order.

Calculator can also help to pick the best leverage.

Current prices, account’s equity and choosen leverage are used for calculations. When one or several parameters are changed you can quickly recalculate the data without the risk of making an error.


Currency Exchange Rates

A user-friendly tool to calculate exact conversion rates when transferring between accounts with different base currencies.

Exchange rates are available for any date needed.

See the rates!

Commission Calculator

A user-friendly tool for accurate and quick ECN commission calculations.

You can calculate half-turn and round-turn commission for any volume on any currency pair or metal.

To see the detailed calculations with examples click on the currency pair in the table.

Calculate commission!